Pursuit of Paradise

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History & Love

Pursuit of Paradise
Landing Craft Tanahmerah Bay
Christmas 1945

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This is the story of an East Texas farm boy, the war in the Pacific, and love.

The boy left his farm, experienced the unspeakable horrors of war, and returned a man, wanting only to go back to work on the farm. His pursuit of paradise, which had taken him through the dark, steamy, enemy-infested, disease-ridden jungles of the South Pacific and the post-war landscape of Japan, now lead him to his dream wife, who, in his absence, had grown from a child to a young lady, and greeted him with open arms and a commitment to share his pursuit forever.

Together, they would find Paradise is not a place but is a Time. For them, it was the journey they took, the path they walked with each other the rest of their lives.